“I went last year, it was awesome even though I did not pick the correct murderer. The food was sooooo good, I even tried fried Asparagus, that would probably be the only way I would eat it.”

Annett Bynum

“Had a blast and a half with some awesome friends at the “Art of Murder” murder mystery fundraiser tonight at the WU campus to raise funds for Topeka Civic Theatre!! Awesome show, beautiful night, and raising money for TCT = perfect evening! #TCTArtOfMurder”

Angel Romero

“Had a wonderful time sweating out to the 60’s themed event last night! If you’ve never been, you should definitely consider attending next year. #tctartofmurder”

Carmen Anello

#TCTArtOfMurder 🎭 Good food. Great drinks. Unsolved mystery.

Rose Dahlgren



Can you imagine if we didn’t receive these funds? We would have to cut 40% of our programming…we might have to cut our children’s production program altogether, not to mention our Academy classes. There would be no Les Misèrables, School Edition or Stuart Little for our young people to stretch their artistic muscles, as there would be too many costumes and the royalties would be too expensive. All our Mainstage shows might have to be chosen from plays with two to four characters, eliminating a classic like Inherit the Wind, and we could never afford to costume shows like Camelot or Hello, Dolly!

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