Welcome to theatre camp at Helen Hocker Theater

We are thrilled to work with your child this summer and humbled for the opportunity.
Enrollment in summer theatre camp is a two-prong approach, all made convenient online.


Click the link below to fill out enrollment forms needed by the theatre, these include:

  1. Parent/guardian contact Information
  2. Emergency contact information
  3. Child’s Medical Needs, if applicable
  4. Signed Rules of Conduct form for the student and guardian
  5. Signed Harmless Waiver
  6. Pick-up Designation Form

After you press SUBMIT you will receive a Success message and be able to click on Step 2 button to be redirected to our secure online enrollment / payment page. Here you will be asked to once again fill out basic contact information for yourself and the camper. Next, you will select all the camps you wish to enroll your child in. Finally, you will be directed to our payment gateway for the final step in our enrollment process. Once you receive a successful payment confirmation, your child is enrolled in summer camp. Bravo!

NOTE:   To complete enrollment you will need the following information:

  1. Medical and health-care need, including allergies
  2. Emergency contact information
  3. Name and phone number for any trusted individual whom you want to be authorized to pick-up your child from camp
  4. Credit card (we accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover)

If you have more than one child enrolling in summer camp, you are able to register and pay for them at the same time. However, before you move on to Step 2, you will see a button that says “ADDITIONAL CAMPERS” – please click this and fill out the necessary release forms for child #2 and beyond.

Once you have completed a unique set of forms and signed releases for each child / camper, then proceed to Step 2 where you will be able to enroll them all at the same time, in various camps with the convenience of one transaction.

If you are unable to pay in full for camp at the time of registration, please be sure to enroll in the camp labeled “Deposit Only.” There is a filter toggle to the left of the camp list. This will calculate the corresponding $50 deposits. Deposit only is available for three-week camps. It is not available for one-week camps.

NOTE: Failure to pay in full by the due date may result in the release of your child’s enrollment and you may forfeit your down payment. Please be sure to remit payment prior to due date. (Due dates are listed on each theatre’s summer camp pages.


If you have questions about enrollment or special needs, feel free to contact us or use the form below to submit your question / feedback. Thank you!


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